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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sinkhole Warning Signs

Sixteen Sinkhole Symptoms at your Home, Condo or Building

Florida’s unique geography seems to spawn sinkholes and thousands of them occur throughout the state.  Here are the sixteen (16) most common sinkhole symptoms at your home, condominium or commercial building:
  1. Cracking of the exterior walls (possible stair-step pattern)
  2. Cracking in exterior porches, decks, sidewalks or driveways
  3. Cracking around in-ground pools or pool decks or lanais
  4. Separation of the foundation from the soil
  5. Cracking of interior walls, ceilings or floors
  6. Cracking around the frames of doors, windows or in the corners of rooms
  7. Separation of the walls from the floor or ceiling
  8. Tilting, un-leveling or sinking of the floor
  9. Doors or windows sticking or jamming or not otherwise working correctly
  10. Unexplained or unusual water stains on the floor, walls or ceiling
  11. Unusual or rapidly developing depressions on the ground in or around your property – which repeatedly re-form despite filling them.
  12. Slanting of trees or landscaping or fence posts or a noticeable change to anything affixed to the ground
  13. Excessive ‘standing’ water in your yard/lawn or exposure of tree roots or dying vegetation
  14. Excessive leakage from your in-ground pool
  15. Unexplained loud sounds (as your building is slowly being pulled apart)
  16. Known sinkhole activity in your neighborhood, especially in close proximity to your home, condominium or commercial building.

If you are experiencing one or more of any of the sixteen (16) symptoms of sinkhole activity listed above at your home, condominium or commercial property, then you may be suffering from sinkhole activity.  This will require your immediate attention, as sinkholes may pose a dangerous condition, as with the recent tragedy involving the shocking death of Jeff Bush of Seffner, FL, which was caused by a sinkhole that suddenly and unexpectedly opened up under the floor in the room in which he slept.

The best course of action to take if you suspect sinkhole activity at your property is to contact an experienced sinkhole attorney to learn your legal rights, even before you file a sinkhole claim with your insurance carrier.  Our early involvement in your sinkhole claim will help to expedite the entire insurance claim process, prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you and we will make our best efforts to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery to which you are entitled in accord with your insurance policy.  We are here to protect your rights!

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